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The Crew Chiefs

 Founder - Eric Monterastelli 
#13 Audi TT, and #31 VW GTI.

Eric has over fifteen years experience in Information Technology specializing in Systems Engineering, Virtualization, Software Development and Cyber Security. 

Eric started his racing career as a child Kart Racing as part of various Endurance Teams and Leagues, moving on to AutoCross then finally to Time Trials and HPDE Instructing. Look for him on track with his various Transformers themed cars. 

Bradley Novack - Crew Chief
#666 VW GTI

Brad has 16 years of financial experience working with local credit unions and financial institutions. 

Brad started his automotive journey in 2001 with Eric, whom he met in high school. He took his brand new 2001 VW GTI to an autocross and was instantly hooked. Fast-forward 14 years and he has amassed experience in autocross, drag racing, off-roading, motorcycles, and HPDE driving and Instructing.
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