About GTM

A brief history of Gran Touring Motorsports Club (2000-Present)

2000 - Gran Touring Audi (GTA) was setup as an Audi Coupe enthusiasts website

Welcome to Grand Touring! An online Audi community for Owners and Enthusiats Worldwide! This site's theme is based around an archive for the "Audi Coupe's" from '81 to the Present; Including the GT, Coupe Quattro 20v, Urq, TT's and many more. This site is open to ALL Audi models, but is designed around a specific model. At Grand Touring we strive to bring you the latest Audi news, classifieds, techinical data, and much more! Feel free to look around, and please contribute to our site. We respect and encourage frequent use of sites like AudiWorld.com and AudiFans.com.

The GTA website ran for about 5 yrs, until ultimately being merged into the Potomac Region of Audi Club of America's Website. (Eric M, happened to be webmaster of Both at the time). 

2005 - Eric M's father Nic M wanted to start his own European Car Parts reselling business and was looking for names. On a whim, and since GTA had been merged into the Audi Club website, Eric M suggested they call the business "Gran Touring Motorsports"

2006 - Gran Touring Motorsports, LLC was founded

GTM as a business focused primarily on VAG products: Porsche, Audi and VW. Below is the original company logo as seen in this banner Ad from 2006. 
The business was in operation until 2010.

2010 (3/15) - Father and Son duo are separated as Nic M passes away from Stage-4 brain cancer. 


Nic M was a 30 year Pro-Solo/Auto-X veteran, winning many championships in CSP (CRX) and FP (914). His humble beginnings as a racer started him out with a Mk1 Scirocco in the late 70s, and later graduating from the Dick Turner AX school in NY. Nic spent his freetime with his children (Eric M and Tania M) and working on what seemed like an unending array of car projects. Nothing was ever stock. He held positions in various car clubs (SCCA, PCA, Audi, etc) and as Auto-X started to fade in popularity in the DMV in the late 90s, Nic moved his attention to HPDE and spent 10+ years as a DE instructor for many clubs. He loved anything Motorsport, from Karting, MotoGP, F1, Rally, AutoX, you name it... He was interested and wanted to be involved. He earned the title "MacGyver" many times for his grassroots approach to solving automotive engineering projects; and it wouldn't have been a "Nic Approved Solution" if it didn't involve some sort of custom bracketry or use of scrap copper. RIP. Member #00000

Nothing was ever Stock ... Some of Nic M's more notable rides

1.9 Liter GMP, Mk1 VW Scirocco    
 3.6L Porsche 914/6 Slant Nose
 Pro-Solo Mk1 Honda CR-X
 4.2L S8 powered Mk2 Audi Coupe Quattro

2011 - Getting back on the saddle...
Eric M decides to follow in his father's footsteps and venture away from Kart Racing and AX to pursue DE. Eric M had to finish the final project car that he and his father were working on (1983 Audi Quattro w/ 3.6L V8 Swap, as seen below), and also decided to convert his daily driver Jetta TDI to a "track car." 2011 was a disappointing year as high hopes for the VW TDI "racer" that Eric built suffered a blown motor at the end of the 2011 season at VIR. 
3.6L V8 1983 Audi URQ
 V8 Engine Bay

 Mk4 TDI Racer at Summit Point (T9)

2012 - The Terrible Toad is born!

Eric M spends some time deciding what to do after a disappointing 2011 season.

With the help of some friends and supportive wife and family Eric M finds a 2000 Audi TT Front-wheel-Drive which will quickly evolve into his mainstay DE/TimeTrials car.

2013 - GTM is but an embryo...  

On a business trip to Omaha, NE... Eric M reunites with high-school classmate Brad N. After spending time together at the track Eric M  and Brad N start forming a larger circle of friends and ultimately decide to stand up an email list-serve to stay in communication with folks when not track-side. Trying to come up with a name for the group Brad N suggested we resurrect "Gran Touring Motorsports" (GTM) name and logo in honor of Nic M.

 - GTM morphs from a social group to a 15 person "club" where its more than just track time, it's car shows, AX, karting events, bbqs, etc... more and more people join GTM, sponsors come on board... and the rest they say, is history. 

The Present and Beyond
60+ members strong, GTM is committed to continuing to grow and maintain its grassroots motorsports heritage.
If you're part of the group, you know what it's all about... It's the people, not the cars. 

For those of you that aren't part of the team, come and visit us at one of our events, and see what all the fuss is about. 

Merry Motoring, The Crew Chiefs