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Gran Touring Motorsports is a "Non-Traditional" Motorsports Club started in 2014 as a "social group" of Car Enthusiasts. GTM serves three regions: The DMV, NorthEast and an Extended AreaOur areas of interest revolve around: High Performance Driving Education (HPDE), AutoCross, Club Racing, Kart Racing, Drag Racing, Off-roading, Car Shows... or just about anything Car related! Learn more about GTM.

We are currently 60+ members strong and growing quickly. Our membership is split over Drivers, Instructors and Racers. We don't hold any of our own competitive "racing" events - we strive to maintain a social club status, which allows us to not compete with other Clubs or Organizations in our Region (or our own schedules!). 

Years of racing, wrenching and motorsports experience brings together a top notch collection of knowledge and informationBecome part of the team!


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https://www.instagram.com/grantouringmotorsports/ https://drivetribe.com/t/gtm-track-day-champions-WQCWb1r4QN2V_6hpRkTd5w



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  • The Neverending ‘80s, Part 2: Judgement Day Article By: Matt Y, Brad N;  3/1/2018 - Matt Y: Picking up where last weeks ‘80s retrospective article left off ... while it’s a great look back at the ...
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